Career opportunities

RelMed and the EuroMed Area

The Euro-Mediterranean relations have been a high priority on the agenda of cooperation outside the EU since 1995, starting date of the Barcelona Process and the subsequent creation in 2008 of the Union for the Mediterranean.

This framework of cooperation covers many fields such as culture, institutions, infrastructure, safety and education. The creation of institutions such as UfM has encouraged the proliferation of new entities and creating new lines of action focused on the Euro-Mediterranean.

In this sense, international cooperation and cultural issues emerge as key matters in the Euro-Mediterranean area, which in recent years have been subjected to a strong commitment to regional, national and supranational levels. In this way, there have appeared a number of needs of research staff in the knowledge-based areas, as well as experts in major socio-economic issues in the region.

This requires to count on competent experts on the reality of the region, who are as well familiar with keyissues in the region. On the other hand, given the nature of the region, it is essential to have the ability towork in multilingual and multicultural to achieve the objectives proposed by companies and institutions. In this sense, institutions and research groups dedicated to EuroMed issues are becoming more numerous. the Master builts you skills to...

become or upgrade you to: 

  • Technical staff, project management, 
  • Technical staff in international relations, 
  • Expert staff and in cooperation 
  • Analyst of international relations 

... in the context of: 

  • International organizations and bodies of the European Union 
  • Departments of international companies 
  • Consulting firms and international analysis 
  • Research centres and development in international politics
  • Government
  • Trasnational companies
  • Non governmental organizations and agencies focused on cooperation and development.