Partner Institutions

Universitat Rovira i Virgili

The URV was created in 1991 by the Parliament of Catalonia from the already existing university faculties and schools. In this way the Tarragona University of the 16th century was restored. From the very first day its aim has been very clear: to place knowledge at the service of society so as to contribute to the social and economic development of its environment, which has gradually transformed over time. Social and cultural changes have opened the doors to a new framework in which our students and future workers are obliged to interact in Europe. At the URV we train professionals under the precepts of European harmonization, a key factor for opening the doors to a world of work without frontiers. And we do so by providing 52 programmes of study in a wide variety of knowledge areas for over 12,000 students. The data show that the URV is not only one of the leading universities in Catalonia but also one of the leading universities in the European area for the quality of its teaching, its commitment to continuous training and the excellence of its research, development and innovation.


Université Paris 8

Founded as an experimental academic centre in Vincennes in 1969, Université Paris 8 moved to Saint-Denis in 1980. Our university has become a major teaching and research centre for humanities in the Île-de-France region. The main objective of Université Paris 8 - with its focus on humanities, human sciences, arts and social sciences has always been to give students a better understanding of the modern world while enabling them, at the same time, to achieve a long-term integration into society. The innovative nature of the research undertaken here can be traced back to the various fields studied at Université Paris 8. Our university became a pioneer in fields that were usually not approached by other French universities : psychoanalysis, urban planning, geopolitics, cinema, plastic arts, gender studies, etc. To this day, Université Paris 8 has always insisted on maintaining a strong link between research and teaching, adapting teaching methods to different kinds of audiences, and providing education for all at every stage of life.


Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Since its establishment by the Government of Catalonia in 1990, UPF has strengthened its research and teaching project and optimized the public resources provided.

The results lay testimony to the fact that the University has embarked on precisely the right course: in few years, the University obtained the Campus of International Excellence qualification by the Ministry of Education and a prominent place in European research; has been promoting several partnership projects with the best universities; figuring prominently in international rankings and remaining as one of the most popular universities among its students and graduates. Moreover, it is also a university committed to the values of a public institution, an urban university that is immersed in the movement and dynamism of the city of Barcelona and, in short, a university open to international talent.

UPF offers its studies in three areas of knowledge closely linked to the individual being: the social and human sciences (Ciutadella campus), the health and life sciences (Mar campus), and the ITC and communication sciences (Communication-Poblenou campus).


Université Saint Joseph

Université Saint-Joseph (USJ) is a Lebanese private higher institute of education founded in 1875 and renowned for the quality of its education and scientific activities and research. It has 12 Faculties and 25 Institutes distributed on 8 campuses: 4 main campuses in Beirut, 3 regional campuses in the Bekaa, the North and the South and a newly opened campus in Dubai (Faculty of Law) since July 2008. Since 2003, USJ follows the European Credit Transfer System. USJ aspires to be a pole of excellence and distinction in the Arab world in basic and applied scientific research. In May 2011, the inauguration of the new Campus on Sports and Innovation will be held in Beirut. With more than 150 international partnerships, USJ strives not only to maintain itself as a destination for student mobility, but also to encourage its students to study abroad as part of their curricula. Consequently, involved in European funded projects such as Tempus, Erasmus Mundus, FP7, EuropAid, ENPI, etc.


Universitat de les Illes Balears

UIB has adapted and postgraduate degrees to the European Higher Education Area, responding to the educational demands of our society so that students can take specialized training, both professionally and academically, let them join the job market successfully. UIB has established doctoral programs with Distinction Excellence, to provide a solid training in research and able to enter fully into the world of innovation, has a program for new entrepreneurs , develops lines and joint working with the business of public and private at regional, national and internationallevel. UIB currently occupies the top ranking SCIMAGO among Spanish universities and it has a significant economic impact on the Balearic Islands, facts that have been reflected in the rating of the Campus of International Excellence (CEIR) for the proposed Campus Mediterranean Tourism and Water. A joint project with the University of Girona, the National Research Council and the Catalan Institute for Water Research. A project that aims to convert the Balearic Islands in an international tourism and innovation in water management and a major hub of international collaboration in areas of existing excellence.


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